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Spring 2023 - Second edition:  08 - 14 May 

Gut Frohberg, Schönnewitz 9, 01665 Käbschütztal / Krögis

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Tango is so much more than one dance, one style, one music, one experience.

Every dance is the result of all the steps taken earlier.

The Concept

The concept

Enjoy the tango embrace by engaging your whole personality



Deepen your dance technique by calling on your body's intelligence


Reveal your personal style by opening creativity

Release your posture by playing with gravity

Whatever your experience is, you can join us and find your own way in!

7 top teachers will share their passion and knowledge with us all.

They developed their own sensitive way of teaching/facilitating, combining multiple interests and specialties.

For this second edition, in addition to classical tango, neo-tango, and contact tango,  Revelation Tango invites music and folklore to complete our tango experience.

Folklore is a joyful way to celebrate being together. With lots of percussions and strong lyrics, it plays with seduction, feeling rhythm, and poetry. Folklore leads us to project outward the inner desire to connect and suspend time.

The afternoon Music classes are divided into 2 sections, and everyone can find a way to join. Fun and joy assured!

* 'Musical building blocs' invite every one of us to deepen our understanding of the specific structure of tango music. , by offering our own musical sound, we can discover new sensations that support our dancing experience. No previous musical experience is needed. 

* 'Tango Orchestra' is a 4-day program for instrumentalists of all levels, tango dancers or not. You have to be able to read sheet music.

We love tango, and we love music. We offer a natural space for traditional tango (music) aficionados, as well as a natural space for alternative music addicts.

You choose if you join for 2, 4, or 6 days,

as well as how you divide your time, how deep you dive, and how far you fly.

The wonderful venue of Gut Frohberg and the experienced organizing team ensure a safe environment for your comfort and well-being.

You are welcome to join the event without a dance partner. Tango Revelation invites us to give more attention to our pleasure than to the rules of tango.  We have collected tools for this effort. One track has to do with training our bodies to find new perceptions and capacities. Another track involves adjacent artistic techniques (music, folkloric, contact, combat) which can expand our perspective on dancing tango. The diverse teachers in the tango track each offer experiences and expertise to deepen your relationship with tango, rather than just learning new movements. TangoForge will contribute to these various tracks with fabulous yoga+bodybuilding classes, an exploration of the partnership connection that exists in stunt combat, action filmmaking for dance, as well as our most expressive tango workshops. 

Your teachers team

The Teachers team

Ruth Rozelaer & Korey Ireland - Tango classes

Musical dialogues…learn how music can bring dancers into harmonious and engaging interaction, and how interaction (between musicians) can make the music inspiring to dance. 

We explore the relationship between tango music and tango dance from both sides.  We look at the basic building blocks of the musical style during Tango’s Golden Era: danceable rhythms, melodies, harmonies, articulation, accent, dynamics, and surprises.  In the morning classes, we focus on the opportunities these building blocks create for dancers, building connection, and expression with musical detail.  In the afternoon we approach the same themes from a musician’s perspective.

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Frederique Mirande - Folklore,  Art and Tango

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Every Folklore dance is an expression, an energy, a story being told, a story written in this unique moment. It tells about a couple of dancers, but also about a people (Folk=people, Lore=knowledge). Joy, nostalgia, love, patience, passion… all emotions and feelings live and are expressed to the other, to the group.


But most of all, Folklore dancing is alive. It vibrates in the sharing, in the wellness of parties, and in being together. We find each other at the Peña, around the assado, and we dance, Chacarera, Gato, Escondido, Zamba, to the end of the night.

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Ruth Rozelaer & Korey Ireland - Music classes

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In the “Musical Building Blocks” session we work at an introductory level with these essential themes using classic tangos without notated music.  We will practice playing rhythms, melodies, and harmonies that inspire the dancers to get out of their chairs and dance.  Participants will take home a sense of how to play a Tango “A La Parilla” (without a set arrangement) as well as how to practice this for themselves once they return home.  The sessions will be different every day, it will make progressive sense, however, it is also possible to drop in on select sessions.  Open to musicians of all levels/instruments. 


In the “Tango Orchestra” session, we’ll see how these elements have been utilized in classic renditions of some of tango’s greatest hits, seeing how our building blocks have been used to create veritable monuments of the tango dance style.  In this case, we’ll utilize transcriptions and arrangements from Golden Era orchestras to understand/experience how the style functions.   Notated parts will be available in advance and we’ll rehearse the music together to discover firsthand what makes these songs beloved by generations of tango dancers.  The traditional tango Orchestra includes bandoneons, violins, bass, and piano.  Other instruments that fit easily in the tango orchestra include Viola, Cello, Guitar, flute, Accordion, Concertina…But a capable and sensitive musician on almost any instrument is a welcome addition to the tango ensemble.  Let us know what instrument you play so that the arrangements can be adapted to your instrument.  The afternoon program is also open to people that are (not yet) tango dancers!  In this session we will work progressively, building on what we’ve rehearsed in previous days.

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Gabriele Koch: Feeling my own Tango!


Contact-Tango is a playful way to explore tango posture with a good understanding of our own bodies through experience.

We will play with our verticality, with flow and elasticity inside the dance. We aim to know and understand the structure of the human body by sensing it.


Contact-improvisation is an experimental and joyful movement exploration in complete presence with a soft body in connection with other bodies and a released mind. The dancers are following the common movement, losing and refinding balance and counter-balance! They fly, suspend, spiral, and roll in all directions, sharing a connection in a sliding embrace. They print embraces into space, caress the floor, draw ochos or voleos that emerge from the ground.


Tango dancers are experienced in walking, leading precisely in direction and dynamics. Embracing a walking partner, they are used to improvising in connection with the music in a restricted space, trained to dissociation and spiraling around the spinal axis and around each other, we enjoy delicacy, deep connection, and soft embrace.


Contact-Tango invites the dancers to experiment with the special taste of freedom, letting go and coming back to structure and refine/redefine balance in an organic way. It’s is a creative opportunity to find fluidity and stability in a co-leading, finding new ways and surprising ourselves in an improvisational place, where new variations arise without effort. Body awareness increases possibilities in opening up the border between double-role and co-leading; printing a soft embrace on a magical co-creation moment.


With the focus on exploring lightness, connection, and presence, we will develop a fluid grounding and a comfortable elasticity in the connection. Gentle lifts are rising up from there with natural ease 

and we enter each dance in a fine and deep connection. 

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Tango Forge - tango technology and systems

18 EN00_21_40_06Still043.jpg

"We use Argentine Tango's language and technology with contemporary music, fashion, and footwear, with athletic bodies, and with modern gender relations."

We teach tango from the elements, without sequences or memorization. Students learn all of the tango movements inherited from the 1940s, in every possible variation.

We have developed an objective, verifiable technique. Using this technique, dancers can achieve perfect communication and intense connection in a constantly changing embrace. Dancers use our biomechanical tools to diagnose their own errors, learn faster from any teachers, and effectively assist other dancers.

As athletes, we want to share with you the pleasure and power to be found in training our bodies regularly which is the key to balance, smooth movement, and artistry.

The Venue

The Venue


Gut Frohberg

Gut Frohberg will be our true home during the Revelation Tango week.

They offer lodging in single and double/twin rooms with private bathrooms. There is also the possibility to pitch your own tent or park your mobile home.

Gut Frohberg offers 4 dance rooms with wooden floors,  a private lake, a barrel sauna, an open-air yoga rooftop, and plenty of open space for walks alone or in good company. Here, all elements that are needed for a great time are united in one package. 

An experienced kitchen team prepares our meals (breakfast, lunch dinner) with attention to fresh, healthy, and nourishing ingredients.   

Situated 40 km outside of Dresden, right next to Meissen. It is easily reached by public transport. We will organize a shuttle service for the last leg for those who need this.

Come and enjoy, you'll feel at home for sure.

Practical 08 - 14 May 2023


We offer two packages,  ONE all-inclusive package where you are free to create your own menu, follow one path intensively, or sample each and every offering throughout the week again and again, and ONE,  dance-only package, where you can follow the Folklore class and the practica's in the afternoons and attend all evening dances.

The intensive time: Monday - Friday.


arrival on site, settle in your rooms, and evening milonga.

Tuesday till Friday:
Each day we offer you 9 classes or more than 15 hours of lessons to choose from.

For intense research, a different teacher from the team will be available for you during the guided practica in the afternoon.

On top of that, there will be a unique ''Revelation class''. A special moment when every teacher shares his/her 'pearl of tango'. 

There is the possibility to share your findings and questions with other participants during lab time.

On the afternoon open dancefloor, you can explore your new revelations, and during the evening dances, you can share them with the others.

Learning & Enjoying: Friday - Sunday.

+25 hours of dancing and 6 hours of workshops. All our teachers will offer open/drop-in workshops on Saturday and Sunday.


+ Every morning a yoga/bodywork class.
+ Before every evening dance, there will be a collaborated warm-up/tune-in workshop proposed simultaneously by 2 teachers of the team.
+ multiple dancefloors will be available.

+ a massage therapist will be available to ease your hard-worked muscles.


still open to small changes


Lodging, full board included 



Event participation

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pricing revelation.jpg
RT schedule 1.jpg
RT schedule 2.jpg

We offer a helper's tariff, to reduce the financial burden for those who need this, and who want to participate from inside, Please indicate your interest in this during the registration process, and we will contact you personally with our proposal.

You can book a twin room without a partner, we will partner you with another participant of the same gender.

Coffee, tea, water, and small snacks are offered throughout the event. For other drinks, an honesty bar will be organized.

You can organize your own lodging outside of the venue, and share lunch and dinner with the group at 30 Euro per day.

Organizing team

Your organizing team

Screenshot 2021-02-20 194034 (1).jpg

Nathalie Mann and Ludo Decreus met each other first on the dance floor at various events in France.

Nathalie is active as a teacher, DJ, and organizer. She is the driving force behind TangOdyssée, and the "Rencontres Tango-CONtACT" (France Toulouse/Alsace), to open up safe spaces for experimentation at the crossroads of dance, communication, and somatic practices. (TangOdyssée)

Ludo started organizing a regular milonga in his hometown and is since 2016 brought events throughout Europe to support and stimulate dancers- and communities that like to dance both roles. (Totally in Tango)

Through their long experience and a mutual desire to explore broad and wide, they are great partners for the Revelation Tango project.

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Revelation tango offers a tango 'road trip' along known and unknown paths. We create bridges between the different tango branches. 


* You deepen your tango through high-quality teaching, lots of dancing, and meaningful encounters, on, and off the dancefloor

* You experience freedom in the dance that supports co-creating tango magical beauty

* You enlarge your vocabulary by inviting  surprise that nourishes creativity

* You experience freedom in the dance.

Revelation tango aspires for all dancers to connect in a soft, playful, musical embrace, in total respect for each other. Whatever style, whatever role, and whatever music you prefer, we all share the same dance., the same floor, the same music.

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