Summer 2021 - first edition:  06 - 12 September

Gut Frohberg, Schönnewitz 9, 01665 Käbschütztal / Krögis


Tango is so much more than one dance, one style, one music, one experience.

Every dance is the result of all the steps taken earlier.

The concept



Deepen your dance technique by calling on your body's intelligence.



Get into tango from body awareness practices.

Whatever your experience is, you can join us and find your own way in!

12 top teachers will share their passion and knowledge with us all.

They developed their own sensitive way of teaching/facilitating, combining multiple interests and specialties.

You choose if you join for 2, 4 or 6 days,

as well as how you divide your time, how deep you dive, how far you fly.

The wonderful venue of Gut Frohberg and the experienced organizing team assures a safe environment for your comfort and wellbeing.

Your teachers team

In alphabetical order 


Annette Gralke (De)

Tango: step in with heart, body, and soul!

Annette Gralke runs the Institute for the Art of Movement in Düsseldorf Oberkassel.

She has been leading seminars in the field of bodywork since 1987, and developed her own method « Sensible Therapy ». It is a creative composition of her life experience and professional research, mixing arts, therapy, and teaching: painting, filmmaking, Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Family Constellations, couple training, Gestalt, meditation, Qi Gong, yoga, and Tango!

And guess what: such a centipede is using her joyful vision of life to put one step after the other, creating at the moment a unique experience (no matter what occurs)!

She is passionate about mixing groups and flexible to create rich frameworks bringing into light what supports and accompanies each specificity.

... Ready to play?
You can participate no matter of level or role.

She will teach in English and/or German.


Doris Dohse (De)

Aikido, Feldenkrais, Tango: The less you do, the better it is

The path that links the mastery of martial art and the Feldenkrais-Method® to that of tango goes through leaving out the unnecessary and getting towards the simple movement. Melting it all into one natural, organic, and aesthetically pleasing flow. Being free in your mind, in your belly, and in your heart, so that you are calm and in a neutral state to able to respond without delay; like so, you become adaptable to any partner or circumstance!

This is what Tango and Aikido both aim at: Gaining growth and personal development through dynamic practice with another person, through a true meeting with each other.

Doris is a  teacher by vocation. For 20 years she heads the Adelheid-Dojo in Wiesbaden, since 10 years she is working as an assistant trainer in Professional Feldenkrais-Training Programs throughout Europe. Tango is part of her life since 2003. She's also been a longtime teacher at the Conservatory for Performing Arts in Frankfurt/Main.

She combines and shares all her insights in her ‚Awareness through Movement' approach,
You can participate, regardless of experience or role in this tango discovery.
Diving to the source, getting to less (effort...) for more (pleasure...)!
She will teach in German and/or English. (French, Italian, and Spanish translation can also be offered)

Screenshot 2021-03-03 200430.jpg.png

Gaia (It/De) & Leandro (Arg/De)

Improving tango technique: support your creativity!

We are dancing and teaching together since 2005. We seek an honest and authentic connection by merging traditional and contemporary as well as lyrical and dynamic tango elements for a spontaneous, improvised expression.

Improving the technique of Tango movements with solo and couple exercises (balancing, coordination, precision, speed) will support defining which are the essential structures necessary to dance (close - open embrace and the transition between them, parallel and cross-system, spiral movements, giros in lines- around the leader or the follower).

We also focus on improvisation skills, using elements of traditional Tango:
lapices and enrosques, ochos, forward and back crosses, sacadas, boleos, ganchos and volcadas...

This learning process is a way of finding our musicality: using elements or structures that fit to rhythm and melody, syncope, and pause.
We will listen to different orchestras, and open the research with vals and milonga.

Registration as a couple is preferred, single registrations will be matched to a partner where possible. This intensive is for intermediate to advanced dancers.

We will teach in English or Spanish

Isabella en Iwan.jfif

Isabella & Iwan (De)

Contemporary Tango: the moment is the choreography!

We - Isabella & Iwan - have learned and developed didactic methods that are precisely attuned to the essence of tango: Enjoyment and well-being while dancing, being able to merge with the music and express your own feelings. Regardless of which dance and music style you prefer.


It is important to us that all movements are organic, refer to the here and now.

We use the roots and the tradition and expand them.

Dissolving boundaries to speak out a contemporary "tango body language". 


Our intensive seminar "revolves" around our favorite play an important part of our stylistics: the most diverse types of circular movement, the turns.

The soft ones - from dainty Molinete to the 520° Giro Extatico and the wild ones - the small, cheeky "Gustavo" to the whirlpool of the Colgada.


The way there? To create an inner body feeling.

With imagination, through exercises, by recognizing and using basic principles of movement, to realize one's own potential. Individually and in pairs.


Registration as a couple is preferred, single registrations will be matched to a partner where possible. The Intensive Seminar is for intermediate to advanced dancers.


We teach in German and English / Polish.


Leilani Weis (Chili) & Miguel Strebel (Sp)

ContactTango: New flavours of relationships

The way Leilani and Miguel present the movement, the presence, and the connection enrich each participant's dance. The different approaches of somatics, improvisation, and play will lead us to the deep joy of dancing and creating together.

Their work invites dancers to do personal research, to investigate new possibilities and ways to develop their own Tango.

Leilani devotes herself to teaching and the creation of dance pieces. She believes in creative cooperation with others, from where she nourishes her art. Miguel has been dancing for over 30 years. He is deeply interested in the rituality of performance and healing through dance.

Since 2015 they have been dancing and creating together, traveling throughout Europe to teach ContactTango and CI.

They will teach in English and/or German.

5e3bfa575549c7109e621337_Natalia y Agust

Natalia & Agustin (Arg)

Tango dancing: towards a musical composition

Musicality is the link between what you hear and your dancing possibilities.
The intensive will be fully dedicated to sharing all the musical hints, tips advice that we received from the old milongueros, during and after the milonga's in La Plata and B's A's. We will share with you our most treasured moments and the culture behind the social dance., far away from a metric explanation, and really diving into a musical composition of your dance.

Our teaching style focuses on expressing musicality, authenticity, emotional and historical connections. We teach in a fresh and playful way and emphasize partner equality and body awareness. Our classes take a horizontal approach by sharing and developing together with you.

We welcome all Tango dancers, regardless of experience or role. We all learn and dance with each other.

We teach in English and/or Spanish.

The Venue


Gut Frohberg

Gut Frohberg will be our true home during the Revelation Tango week.

They offer lodging in single, double, and triple rooms with private bathrooms. There is also the possibility to pitch your own tent or park your mobile home.

Offering 5 dance rooms with wooden floors, 1 outside dance floor, a private lake, a barrel sauna, an open-air yoga rooftop, plenty of open space for walks alone or in good company. All elements needed for a great time. 

An experienced team in the kitchen serves  all meals (breakfast, lunch diner) in the spacious dining hall, 

Situated 40 km outside of Dresden, right next to Meissen. It is easily reached by public transport. We will organize a shuttle service for the last leg for those who need this.

Come and enjoy, you'll feel at home for sure.



Several packages are offered for you to choose from.

Learning & Enjoying: Monday - Friday.

  1. Busy bee: The intensive voyage.

3 hours of classes per day for intense research with a teacher/couple of your choice, plus daily 2 optional open/drop-in classes by different teachers. Afternoon open dancefloor, evening dances. The classes start on Tuesday.

  2. Butterfly: The meandering voyage.

2 hours of classes per day to stimulate your dance evolution, with a teacher/couple of your choice plus daily 1 optional open/drop-in class by different teachers. Afternoon open dancefloor, evening dances. The classes start on Tuesday.

  3. Bumblebee: The easy voyage.

No class program. Afternoon open dance floor, evening dances.











Learning & Enjoying: Friday - Sunday.

+20 hours of dancing and 6 hours of workshops. All our teachers will offer open/drop-in workshops on Saturday and Sunday.


 + Every morning a yoga class.

 + Before every evening dance, there will be a collaborated warm-up/tune-in workshop proposed simultaneously by 2 teachers of the team. 

 + multiple dancefloors will be available.



English teachers overwiew.jpg
Screenshot 2021-07-14 165900.jpg

We offer a helper's tariff, to reduce the financial burden for those who need this, and who want to participate from inside, Please indicate your interest in this during the registration process, and we will contact you personally with our proposal.

You can book a double or twin room without a partner, we will partner you with another participant of the same gender.

Coffee, tea, and water are offered throughout the event. For other drinks, bar service will be offered

At this stage, no pre-payment will be asked.

Once the sanitary situation is clear for a go-ahead, we will ask for a pre-payment to secure your place at the event.

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event participation pricing.jpg

And what about Covid?


The event will take place with respect to the sanitary protocol of the Saxonia government valid during the time of our event (if still mandatory at this time), and in accordance with the protocol drawn up by our venue, Gut Frohberg.

If we are obliged to cancel the event due to the evolution of the pandemic, then we will reimburse the pre-payments already made by the participants. 

Your organizing team

Screenshot 2021-02-20 194034 (1).jpg

Nathalie Mann and Ludo Decreus met each other first on the dance floor at various events in France.

Nathalie is active as a teacher, DJ, and organizer. She is the driving force behind TangOdyssée, and the "Rencontres Tango-CONtACT" (France Toulouse/Alsace), to open up safe spaces for experimentation at the crossroads of dance, communication, and somatic practices. (TangOdyssée)

Ludo started organizing a regular milonga in his hometown and is since 2016  bringing events throughout Europe to support and stimulate dancers- and communities that like to dance both roles. (Totally in Tango)

Through their long experience and a mutual desire to explore broad and wide, they are great partners for the Revelation Tango project.


Mission and Vision

* Revelation tango offers a tango 'road trip' along known and unknown paths. We create bridges between the different tango branches. 

* You deepen your tango through high-quality teaching, lots of dancing, and meaningful encounters, on and of the dancefloor

* You enter tango from any 'body sensing' practice and walk with us in the Ronda.

* You experience freedom in the dance.

Revelation tango aspires for all dancers to connect in a soft, playful, musical embrace, in total respect for each other. Whatever style, whatever role, whatever music you prefer, we all share the same dance.